Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Second professor to present at Du Pole

We went back to Pole Leonardo De Vinci University for another presentation, this time on "Transatlantic Relations: a love-hate relationship?" with Professor Nivet. It was an interesting lecture with questions on between, followed by a short discussion with us and any questions we had. 

After we were done at the presentation we then traveled to Notre Dame and toured through the ground floor of the cathedral. Notre Dame has a beautiful interior and spectacular stained glass windows. After that, a small group of us decided to walk up to the top of Notre Dame, which was exciting and a bit nerve wracking at first because of it's spiral staircase 422 steps up to the top. But once you're all the way up, it is quite the view and anyone would be glad they made the trip up.
Spiral Staircase going up and down Notre Dame

View from the top of Notre Dame

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