Sunday, May 26, 2013

Napoleon's Tomb / War and Armor Museum / Final Dinner / Last walk to see the Eiffel Tower

Today a group of us decided to go and visit Napoleon's tomb as part of how we used our free day.

It's quite amazing how big the tomb where Napoleon rests is, and definitely reflects the "Napoleonic Complex".

Napoleon's Tomb

 The building in which Napoleon's Tomb is connected to is also host to a museum of old armor artifacts from different medieval times, as well as world war I and II. There is a lot of info to be absorbed and it is very interesting, I especially enjoyed the WWI and II sections.
Allied Weapons of WWII

 We also saw old musket-style rifles and it's interesting to see the progression of rifles from their beginning and how advanced they had become.
One section of many examples of muskets and flintlock style weapons

an example of what was seen in the armor section of the museum

Once we finished up our visit at the museum we headed back to the hotel. After which we took a trip to a market at La Rue Mouffetard and I got to purchase some really nice chocolate and they had fantastic Gelato there. Tonight was also our final dinner together with professor Delaunay and we went to a nice restaurant on the Champs-Elysees called 'Chez Clement'.
Chez Clement restaurant

Later that night a small group of us went to visit the Eiffel Tower for the last time and we got to see it light up again at 1:00 AM. It was something I definitely am glad I took the time to do again and it was worth the view at night.
Eiffel Tower at night, before the lights go off and it sparkles the last time

1:00am, lights off and it sparkles the last time of the night

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