Thursday, May 23, 2013

Second presentation with Professor Nivet at Du Pole

Today we went back to Du Pole Leonardo De Vinci University for the second presentation by Professor Nivet, this time talking about the European Union Policy. Professor Nivet gave a great and detailed lecture about different aspects and relationships inside the EU. Once again allowing for open discussion and questions throughout and at the end.

After the lecture I thanked Prof. Nivet and shook his hand for him taking the time to present this to us for no cost.

We took a few group pictures before leaving for the last time at Du Pole University, and then proceeded onward to Montmartre, which is where Sacre-Couer (Sacred Heart) Basilica is located.

In front of the main entrance to the Basilica
Sacre-Couer is just another magnificent piece of architecture in France, it has fantastic rose windows throughout and its exterior is just as pleasing to the eye to look at. With its grand structure and even down to its gutters designed like little gargoyles, it's worth the trip up to Montmartre to see it. The little village around Sacre-Couer was also another reason anyone should make the trip, it is filled with dozens and dozens of little shops, mainly for souvenirs I would say. There was also artists providing a quick portrait for a small fee and they looked very well done for the most part. Montmartre also contains a good selection of cafes, and one in particular I visited with a few of my fellow study abroad students had really nice hot cocoa.

You can get a great view of Paris on Sacre-Couer
After everyone had their fill of shopping and seeing the Basilica, we hopped back on this little train (reminiscent of the ones you see at Disney Land for a tour) and rode it back down the hill to where we started.

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