Saturday, May 25, 2013

Visit to Chateau de Versailles

Today was our day to visit Chateau De Versailles, even though having been there before, it was still a sight to see. The magnificent golden gate and other grand buildings adorned with gold are beautiful to see.
Louis XIV is the first structure to greet you at Versailles

Outside the gate of Versailles

View of the courtyard inside the golden gate at Versailles

Of course on the inside is filled with plenty of artwork and statues of prominent figures of the time. In particular I enjoyed the artwork on the ceiling.
Imagine what went into painting the ceiling like this?
We got a glimpse of the Gardens of Versailles from the windows, even though we didn't make the trip to the gardens themselves for a visit besides two of our group members.
This quite beautiful view of the gardens from a Chateau window just scratches the surface of what is to see inside them.

After several hours exploring the Chateau, we once again headed back to our home away from home at the ibis hotel. 

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